Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Early impressions: Prague

I've been in Prague for four days. So far:

1) Lots of smoking. It evokes at times my Russian piano teacher's house (and not in a good way).
2) Fortunately, it is a city with many old, beautiful buildings untouched by the bombs of WWII.
3) Unfortunately, many of these old, beautiful buildings have been touched by McDonald's and Subway.
4) There's a preponderance, which could be construed as a fascination, with odd-looking characters on billboards, store signs, and the like. They're usually crudely-drawn or -3-D-rendered, and look nothing like any living creature (if they do, they're usually in some neon color that would never be found in nature). I'd guess this phenomenon has some connection to the psychedelic-drug-enhanced rave culture that lends one to imagining blue walruses or little green creepy men.
5) The iPhone has yet to make its mark.
6) Trams are great.

Pics on flickr.


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