Friday, August 21, 2009

Some musical things, both past and present

I'm currently writing and recording songs with my friend Matt, and we're looking forward to unfurling our creations upon la terra musica before long. We're both ex- of DC-area band The Known Unknowns, for whom I played guitar and sang, and Matt drummed, until May of this year. Our working band name is Le Dog Le Havoc. Don't ask.

We also don't have a website (yet?) Hey, Matt! Do we at least have a myspace page...? We don't? Okay. Um, cool.

Needless, we're totally on top of this shizzle. In the absence of just about any other outlet, watch this space for more, hopefully soon! Or, you know, don't, because our brand of pop schizophrenia is going to be all over the blogosphere, radiosphere, MTVosphere, and probably even the lone boombox in a remote Afghani village. Barring that, you could watch this space.

As for the rest of my musical profile, I also play bass and piano, sang a cappella in college (with these guys--grab their new CD!), and even sang/guitared in a high school rock band (we weren't cool enough to have our own website. We were also in Botswana in the late 90s, where I doubt one would have helped).



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